Suggestion For Laying Floor Tiles
  • For proper laying of the tiles hire an experience tile mason.
  • Ensure that the surface on which the tiles are to be laid is free from dirt, dust and not be smooth. Wetting is recommended on dry floor. Immerse tiles in water for 5 minutes.
  • Bed mortar mix should be in the ratio 1:3 cement to sand.
  • It is advisable to use "Polymer Base" mortar for fixing tiles.
  • Place tiles on mortal with appropriate spacing and allow tiles to set for 24 hours before grouting.
  • Provide adequate gap between row of tiles to allow floor moisture to escape. To enhance the beauty of the laid surface, a gap of 2-3 mm and more width between tiles can also be given.
  • Bedding material between the joints should be cleared before it dries. Leave joint open for 2-3 days depending of humidity before filing. Press tile grout in to joint to avoid cavities. These joint can also filed with repeated brands of chemicals and mixture available in the market.
  • The size and shade variation is an inherent characteristic of the ceramic tiles. To achieve pleasant & natural effect of shade, mixing of tiles from various boxes is recommended.
  • It is advisable to check all tiles before laying. Variation is any beyond the standards should be brought to the company's notice prior to laying. No claim shall be entertained after the tiles are fixed.

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